Guide to take part in the writing of SEFER TORAH.

IMPORTANT: You have the option to make your choice in each book and in each chapter

How to select your letter or verse:

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: Indicate the special passages to be subscribe by complete verse. For more information contact us.
: Indicate the letters that can only be subscribed offline.
: Indicate the letter (s) word (s) name (s) verse (s) still available to be subscribed.

IMPORTANT Recommendation: You can buy all the words and NAMES listed in the TORAH. For the NAMES and the WORDS which do not appear in the HOUMACHE, locate the letters which compose the NAME or the WORD that you want, from the letters (still free) on the site.

The steps to follow:
1. Choose the Currency (€ OR $)
2. Choose letter (s) word (s) ... etc.
3. Confirm your purchase (possibility to modify your purchase by pressing the red X)
4. Fill in your personal data
5. Confirm your purchase
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Guide to special passages: English Francais (Click on language to download PDF)